Walking with the dogs


Duster Loves To Go Out On A Walk. Can You Make His Day?

Looking for volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers to walk our dogs. Dogs do need their exercise and love to go out for a walk. Especially if they stay inside their kennel most of the time. Sometimes there just arent enough volunteers to walk all dogs twice per day. Therefore extra people who want to help are always welcome.

Please visit our information page to learn how to become a volunteer. The dogs will definitely reward you for your effort.

We are also urgently in need of volunteers who can fulfill the task of a greeter. Due to the workload of our staff and the location of our office we sometimes dont notice visitors who might be interested in adopting a dog, leaving a contribution or donation etc. etc. We really want to improve this situation and are therefore looking for a multilingual person who is willing and able to do this job. Please do contact us for more info.

Thank you very much!