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Asociación proctectora de animales de La Nucìa

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The shelter

The Protectora de Animales La Nucìa is a none-profit organization founded in 2007 dedicated to the collection of abandoned animals, to give them shelter and prepare them for a new life and find them a new home.


Our volunteers

Our volunteers

The shelter is run thanks to the selfless efforts made by volunteers. People who dedicate part of their time to helping out every way imaginable.

The vast majority of the animals in the shelter are dogs and cats that dont ask much but have a lot to give.

Adopt a dog or cat from Spain

El equipo


If you want to adopt a friend, don't hesitate to contact us. we are here to help.

Lost animals

El equipo

What to do when your animal got lost

It's always terrible if your dog got lost or escaped. For that reason we have compiled a list of things to do. First off all, don't panic. It happens a lot and in most cases the owner does get his animal back. These tips hopefully help you find yours.

Latest animals in the shelter

Dogs in the spotlight

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35-50cm La Nucìa

Homer is a very cute little guy. We was found in an abandoned house locked inside with the inhabitants gone. The police had to get them out of there and bring them to the shelter.Homer is a very easy going dog. He walks just fine on a leash and hardly ...