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La Nucìa

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La Nucìa
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Yerik was still a baby at 2 months of age when he got adopted in Spain. Now at 6 months old he is still a baby and has been brought back to the animal shelter.

The story of why he was returned is a very common one. People adopt a puppy and have no clue it needs guidance, regularity and patience. Yes a puppy can be difficult towards people, your neighbors and whatnot, and sure they will pee and poo in your house if you dont properly address this, and sure there will be some shoes and whatnot chewed on and keep being chewed on if you dont take care of that natural puppy behavior. Most people will figure it out with or without help and have that puppy for life, others.... just dont.

Yeriks mother is a shepard like medium sized dog. His father is a mix breed of considerable size. Therefore we expect Yerik to grow medium to big size. His brother and two sisters have been adopted in Spain.

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