Details of the cat Wilson

La Nucìa

Breed undefinable
1 year
La Nucìa
Adoption status

Still available

Wilson was found in a terrible shape on the streets. He was covered in flees, their eggs, dehydrated and an overall really poor condition.

He couldn`t eat nor drink when he was found, but thanks to the people who took him in and artificially fed him he got the chance to live and get healthy again. At this moment Wilsons health is improving every day and he`s even showing signs of playfulness albeit in a docile manner.

Wilsons favorite spot is on top of the couch where he can sleep for hours on end.

Now that hes recovering, showing all signs of getting his strength back we can look for a new family who can give him the forever home he deserves.

Wilson is a cute, semi longhaired cat, very sweet and has incredibly beautiful eyes.

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