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Goffi ♂️ y Rudo ♂️ Hermanos. Adoptados juntos siendo cachorros y abandonados de la misma forma hace más de tres años en...

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Geplaatst door Tom Jacobs op Vrijdag 5 maart 2021
American Staffordshire Terrier
> 50cm
5 years
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Still available

Rudo is a gorgeous american staffordshire terrier mix. Together with his brother Goofi he was brought into the shelter by their owner. 

They weren`t chipped nor vaccinated so perhaps it`s for the best he decided to get rid of them. 

Together with his brother he`s been in the shelter for about 3 years now. We`ve managed to keep them together throughout this time. They are very social towards eachother and even though theyre not doing well with other dogs, we believe this has improved. They have both been castrated and combined with the latest spacious area theyve got all to themselves, where they can interact with humans and other dogs weve seen a positive change in their behaviour.

Rudo loves to go for a walk together with his brother, and once outside he`ll never miss out on an opportunity do jump in even the smallest of water puddles. Afterwards he`ll roll through the bushes to dry himself off a bit which is really funny to whatch.

Towards humans the brothers are very sweet. If you enter their pen you will be greeted enthusiastly without exception every time. Upon your return after a walk they both need to cool down and do this by laying flatout on the floor. At that point theyll be very happy to be petted a bit.

Despite their 3 years in captivity, the brothers always seem to be in a very happy state of mind, very playful indeed. So its a shame they`re still here, they both deserve better and we know they can be great friends for however is looking for a dog like them.

The brothers don`t have to be adopted together, so if you`re looking for one dog and you have what it takes to deal with a staffie, by all means drop by the shelter and get to know them. You won`t be dissapointed.

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