Details of the dog James

La Nucìa

Breed undefinable
6 years
La Nucìa
Adoption status

Still available

James went from one owner to the next 5 times in a row in 5 years time. Lets not get into how some people are treating animals as if they are throw away items here, lets just focus on James now. The most important thing to note about James is that he is a very social dog. He gets along just great with other dogs, and he loves attention from humans, so basically.. He is a great guy!

To adopt a dog labeled Potentially Dangerous just because of his breed a new owner has to have a licence and insurance to own him. This new owner better be really serious about giving James a new home where he can live out his entire life without ever having to switch homes again, because if he was to be abandoned yet again.... that would really be insane.

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