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Goofi ♂️ y Rudo ♂️ Hermanos. Adoptados juntos siendo cachorros y abandonados de la misma forma hace más de tres años en...

Geplaatst door Esther de la Jungla op Zaterdag 6 augustus 2022
Geplaatst door Tom Jacobs op Vrijdag 5 maart 2021
American Staffordshire Terrier
> 50cm
5 years
La Nucìa
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Still available

Goofi is Rudo`s brother. They`re both American Staffordshire terrier mix breeds and theyre both gorgeous.

Of the two Goofi used to be the most gentle but Rudo has calmed down a bit over time and in terms of character the two are barely distinguishable now. Goofi weighs a bit more than his brother and has a slightly wider hip. He`s also got a white stripe on his head and white socks whereas Rudo`s head is all black only his feet are white.

Goofi is a really nice dog once you get to know him, and he will like you all the same cause just like his brother he just loves people. He likes a little petting after his walks and relaxes completely once you do.

It would be desirable if the brothers stayed together at a new loving families house, but we don`t think that`s required to keep them happy. So please do make an appointment with the shelter to come and see the brothers yourself.

You will not be dissappointed.

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