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La Nucìa

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11 years
La Nucìa
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After spending well over 2 years in the shelter it finally seemed Dreams dream was about to come true. A guest family took him in so he would no longer have to live in a small kennel rather run outside happily and play with his new temporary family. After a day of running jumping and playing, Dream received more attention and love than he ever had in his life. At the end of the day he would fall asleep on the couch next to his temporary friends.

Life in the guestfamily was good, but of course getting a permanent adoption family would be even better. After having enjoyed his newly found freedom a potential candidate for adopting him showed up at the guest family to get to know him. They paid the family a visit each day for a week so they`d have a clear picture what Dream was really like.

After a week of getting acquianted with him his new adoption family decided Dream was a good match and the guest family agreed. No one could be happier than Dream himself, but all the volunteers and staff at the animal shelter were very happy to now that Dream finally found himself a good new definitive home too.

Alas, Dreams true name should be Nightmare because it all came crashing down after half a year when for some family circumstance reason the new adoptants decided they couldnt keep him anymore.....

They sought to bring him back to the guest family but unfortunately, they couldnt take him back because they already taken in another dog. So that was really rough. Now the only place left to go for Dream was back to the animal shelter. Back to his small kennel. Back to being behind lock and key for 23 hours a day. Back to only getting out for a walk for at most 30 to 45 minutes per day.

Our hearts sank when we heard he`d be back. Luckily we never threw his nameplate attached to his kennel out, so yeah.. there he was. Back again.

For some reason it does not seem to have affected Dream all that much. His behavior does not seem to have changed at all. He is still the `johnny go happy` dog he always was. He loves it when you get him out for a walk. He`ll greet you just as enthusiastically as he`s always done. He`s still the happy guy on his walks. He pays attention to you as his dogwalker and if you allow him to just do his own thing he does not burdeon you by pulling on his leash. For that reason, and the fact he barely responds to other dogs or cats he was a fan favorite for all the volunteers who walked him thus far and still is to this day.

Unfortunatly (again) he`s getting at age. 11 years at the moment of writing, and it is saddening to realize that even though we cannot find any serious behavioral issues going on with him, his age and the fact he`s some sort of pitbull mix are making it harder to find a new home as time just passes him by.

Dream was left anonymously at the animal shelter. No note, no reason, no nothing. Of course he wasn`t chipped as is so often the case, so where he came from and what his history is other than his life at the shelter is completely unknown.

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