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La Nucìa


Dit plaatje moet ook echt even gedeeld worden hoor. Kijk eens in de ogen van dit hele slimme koppie. Dames en...

Geplaatst door Tom Jacobs op Maandag 1 augustus 2022
4 years
La Nucìa
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Still available

Darco behaves really well and is really sweet when inside the house. However, when he has to go outside he gets very stressed.

He lived with his former adoption family in a small appartment in the center of a busy city. The constant noise of traffic and people arent working well for him and it is our opinion this is the reason for his stressed behavior once he gets exposed to that.

So Danco is now looking for a new family who are living in a more tranquil area, preferrably in the outskirts somewhere where he can take his walks without all sorts of noises distracting him.

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