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La Nucìa


WESTER Wester es muy cariñoso y alegre. Pensamos que ha sido maltratado porque sigue un poco inseguro con la gente,...

Geplaatst door Protectora de Animales de La Nucia op Zondag 6 juni 2021

WESTER Wester is écht toe aan een eigen huis met een mand lekker in de huiskamer. Hij wordt met de dag aanhankelijker en...

Geplaatst door SPHOEK op Donderdag 25 maart 2021
Breed undefinable
> 50cm
9 years
La Nucìa
Adoption status

Still available

Wester really needs a forever home with his own bed in someones livingroom. Currently he is not in the shelter, rather a temporary foster home where hes getting more and more friendly and playful.

He is really sweet and happy. He still gets a little nervous around people he doesnt know yet, we believe this is probably because hes been mistreated in the past. But he settles in quickly once he gets to know you a little better. And once he does, he`s really affectionate and does like to be petted.. a lot.

Wester also is social with other dogs, even if other dogs arent being nice to him. He`s also very patient with puppies who just can`t get enough of playing with him.

He also likes to go for a walk with you and is very nicely following you without problems.

Wester has been treated for heartworm and erlichia which no longer affects him. He may have had trombosis because sometimes he`s a little unstable on his feet, but that too doesnt bother him.

So if youre looking for a forever friend and  you can give him what he needs, give us a call and well arrange a meeting for you with his foster parents so you can see how he really is in real life as the photo`s and video`s just don`t do him justice.

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