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The Netherlands


Esta madre completamente abandonada y excesivamente desnutrida, parió en este triste lugar, sola, en la más absoluta...

Geplaatst door Protectora de Animales de La Nucia op Donderdag 13 mei 2021
Breed undefinable
> 50cm
3 years
The Netherlands
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Noor got a litter of 9 puppies consisting of 5 males and 4 females.
These are Gurene, Giselle, Gartze, Galina, Guren, Gibson, Garrick, Gabin and Gabe.

Noor is a cute bitch who was brought in to the shelter by volunteers. She was found in the campo close to a canal where she was taking care of her puppies. Once they took her in it became apparent someone had cut her ears of completely from the sides of her face.

Sometimes `people` will perform these acts of brutality which are not only illegal, but also just sadisticaly cruel. Closer inspection by the vetenarian reveiled this scandalous mutilation was performed by an ordinairy pair of scissors.

Noor is a calm and submissive mother with an intensely black coat. She is a mix of average size.

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