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La Nucìa


Vamos entre todos a buscarla el hogar que se merece. Está con nosotros en la protectora. Belén

Geplaatst door Protectora de Animales de La Nucia op Woensdag 3 februari 2021
Breed undefinable
> 50cm
4 years
La Nucìa
Adoption status

Still available

Newel was found along with two mother dogs and two pups. They were all captured and brought to the animal shelter. At first it was a rather large family totalling 21 pups, however due to the fact they lived next to a busy road all but two puppies got hit by cars and died.

They were very hungry, covered with ticks and very dirty. They are still all very fearful, but theyre okay with being touched. Obviously theyve gone through a lot. With some love an patience they will clean up and clear up quite nicely.

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