Details of the dog Malia

La Nucìa

Breed undefinable
> 50cm
5 years
La Nucìa
Adoption status

Still available

Malia got a litter of 2 puppies consisting of 2 females.
These are Martha and Maki.

Malia used to live on the Campo together with other dogs. They were left there in a hunting area. People living in the neighborhood took the dogs to the animal shelter once they heard rumors about these dogs were destined to be killed.

Once in the shelter it turned out Malia was pregnant. She gave birth to two beautiful puppies, Martha and Maki who were adopted shortly after they were allowed to leave their mother.

Update sept-2020:
Now having reached 4 years of age, Malia has been with us in the animal shelter for half her life. Her past is absolutely terrible and she surely is traumatized, but once she gets to know and trust you she turns out to be very affectionate and sweet. Progress is still being achieved one step at a time. By now she`s now able to walk on a leish with people she trusts. Malia truely is a very special dog.

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