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La Nucìa


Jordan kwam in het asiel en was zo ziek en zwak dat ze letterlijk niet op haar gammele poten kon staan. Plassen deed ze...

Geplaatst door SPHOEK op Maandag 4 april 2022
Breed undefinable
> 50cm
3 years
La Nucìa
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Still available

Jordan was brought to us from the street, in a very bad state, so weak that he could not even eat,

We have all turned to her, we began to feed her with a syringe, with a spoon, porridge, with shifts even at night to go little by little. And now we begin to see the light and how beautiful she is, she already eats, I think of her, she begins to walk, she wags her tail happily waving at her and soon she could go to a home.

She is a fighter and we love her very much, we want a home where she is adored.

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