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La Nucìa


Parece un Terranova, es simplemente espectacular. Es enorme y todo lo que tiene de grande lo tiene de bueno. La única...

Geplaatst door Protectora de Animales de La Nucia op Maandag 18 januari 2021
New foundlander
> 50cm
6 years
La Nucìa
Adoption status

Still available

Hitalo comes from living on a chain like so many large dogs abroad, suffering from what human idiocy understands as a life for a giant. He is beautiful, he is affectionate, he adores pampering, hugs, he asks for more caresses with those huge paws, full of kisses to whom he approaches.

Hitalo deserves a home where he is allowed to be warm inside and where his human family takes advantage of hugging him.

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