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The Netherlands


Draco ha cumplido un año el día 8 de este mes. Fue adoptado en la protectora en primavera, siendo todavía un cachorro,...

Geplaatst door Protectora de Animales de La Nucia op Donderdag 26 augustus 2021
Breed undefinable
> 50cm
1 year
The Netherlands
Adoption status

Still available

Update 25-aug-2021: After 4 months of being adopted in Spain Draco was brought back to the shelter due to family circumstances.

Draco was brought to the shelter together with Nina by their owner. The reason given was they escaped the terrain they lived on frequently and used to chase after the neighbors chickens. The neighbor wasn`t happy about it and the owner didn`t want to put up with them anymore.
Given this history it`s not a good idea to foster them in a home with other animals like cats.

Nina and Draco are very sweet and social towards humans and other dogs. They love to go out for a walk and have the pontential of becoming reallly great family dogs. They both love to cuddle.

Draco has a 62 cm shoulder height.

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