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Baloo ♂️ (8 años en la Prote) Cuántas publicaciones, fotos , videos y demás habremos podido publicar ya de Baloo. Lleva...

Geplaatst door Voluntarios Protectora de animales La Nucía, Alicante op Vrijdag 27 mei 2022
Labrador Retriever
> 50cm
9 years
La Nucìa
Adoption status

Still available

Baloo has been in the shelter since february 2016!

He was brought into the shelter in very poor condition. Underweight and with a multitude of little cuts and heavely neglected coat. Baloo has fully recovered from all of that and has been a healthy guy since.

Baloo is a tall and strong Labrador mix. He`s very friendly towards people but dislikes most other dogs and can defenitely not be trusted around cats. Walking him on a leash is perfect, as long as you dont allow him to get too close to other dogs or cats he`s very docile.

Baloo therefore needs an owner who can physically get him out of a confrontational situation with cats.

Another thing to note, Baloo does not like to be left alone inside the house because he gets bored very easely and will start chewing on your stuff. For that reason an outside kennel or a large bench is the best solution.

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